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 The secret life of Rumpel

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ViestiAihe: The secret life of Rumpel   Su Loka 18, 2009 2:55 am

Rumpel was born in a little cottage near the Area 51, Nevada USA.They stumbled to Las Vegas with his mom and they picked up a rich high-roller who spent the night with Rumpels mom and they got married.Rumpel was hiding in the closet of the bedroom when his mom had her weddingnight, that left scars on Rumpel.Forever scars.

Rumpel was always a different chlid,might have been the weddingnight or the stuff that he ate under the sink at the age of 3. At school Rumpel was doing brilliantly he had an average of A+ and he made some very good friends.With those friends Rumpel took the wrong way. He started doing petty thefts around the town of Sprindfield. From there Rumpel only went downhill.

Rumpel grew and his crimes got harder:Breaking and Entry , Armed Robbery , Drugdealing , Kidnapping and worse. Rumpel had became a succesful and skilled outlaw, thats probably why a drugdealer named Guya'zz-'n took Rumpel under his wings. Rumpel sold tons of drugs from Cuba to Miami. Life was sweet for Guy and Rumpel... Until they were foolish enough to get envolved with a gang known as The Prophets who were hoping to gain control of the drug dealing in the area and they wanted Guya'zz-'n 's help with that.Guy agreed and in a few years they owned the stockmarket. They had no idea of the horrible things ahead of them... When they had finsihed a big shipment that was ment to bring in millions. But in that faitful day as they were meant to meet at the harbor, Urbanprophet sowed up and swiss cheezed all of them... exept for Rumpel. Urbz found Rumpel lying behind a crate,a bulletwound in his stomach.Urbanprophet didn't have the heart to kill him and so he took him with him and they helped Rumpel back on his feet.

But Rumpel had nowhere to go so Urbanprophet took his under his wings and let Rumpel stay in Urbanprophet.com.

And when Urbz had a favor to return to the The Heretics ,Rumpel was there with him.The Dynamic Duo had born! Urbz treated Rumpel as a son and when he couldn't with Rumpels mom and dad he officially adopted him but the adoption papers were burned in a terrifying fire that killed 36 civilians and 7 police officers.

It's mythical truth that Rumpel has made a nest in the Urbanslug section and goes out to patrol the forums as a mission from Urbanprophet himself.
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The secret life of Rumpel
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