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 Mr.Urbanprophets Biography

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ViestiAihe: Mr.Urbanprophets Biography   Su Loka 18, 2009 2:52 am

Urbanprophet had a difficult childhood. We can suspect that his father was a man from Great Britain, London to be exact. His first Christmas was a disaster when Santa Clause came to their house drunk and threw a gift at him. Urbz was a power-hungry child. He wished to control others and decide what their faith should be. In school he wasn't doing very well but hey stayed nonetheless. His parents loved him and were proud of him, but deep inside Urb knew something was wrong. Urbz was a colorful personality, an idealist trying to survive against the hard world, taking any tendons or smoked meat that society had left behind. Urbz developed a love for machinery at the age of 16. By then he had overthrown all of his difficulties except one, he couldn't get his cabin to work and went into a deep state of depression. Urbz was desperate, he sought for a purpose for his life. He met a drug-dealer named Guya'zz'n. He made Urbz join a gang as tough as the "Bloods" or the "Cribs"; The "Prophets". Urbz got a drug addiction 3 months later and got shot in the shoulder in a gang war. When he recovered, he promised to quit drugs. He found a bible group called "The Heretics". He joined and made a promise. He would fulfill that promise 3 years later when he wiped his former gang-members along with the drug-dealer off the face of the Earth.

When Urbz had dealt with his depression and had become a young man, he was a powerful mind, but weak in body. He still had the same urge to control people so he headed to the military in dreams of achieving the title of High-Commander. In the battlefield Urbz was a ruthless fighting machine. He burned, blew up, shot and smacked his enemies from his way. When he was not getting to High-Commander very easily, he started looking for other things to. Like flash gaming.

From flash games Urbz had found his calling, besides the military. He developed many games, they were an outlet for his frustration and creativity.

When Kanada( should i fix?) was brutally attacked by Saddam Hussein, Urbz was there for his country. Unfortunately, he took a bullet in the genitals at the fight of Toronto. But due to his acts of bravery during the Husseinian War, he was promoted as a Brigadier General and things started to roll on their weight. When he became the man who he always wanted to be in the military, he had achieved anything he ever hoped for in life. That life was sweet, he was living the dream... Until he became obsessed with power. He had ambitions... He wanted to change the world... Of flash gaming. And that's why he started his biggest flash project ever, "Last Winter", a survival game that tells us a great deal about the difficulties Urbz has faced. And now he has created MnB 1&2, Gekisen, and Urban Slug. He is a great man.

And so that little boy, who got thrown in the face with a Christmas present, became the mightiest man known to the world, besides Chuck Norris of course; He became the Urbanprophet, the Heretic that we know, love, and respect today.
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Mr.Urbanprophets Biography
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