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 Story of Coolio

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Baby Shrimp
Baby Shrimp

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ViestiAihe: Story of Coolio   To Loka 15, 2009 1:17 am

Once about a time, there was a man called "Coolio", and he was a black grocery store owner. But one day he had to move out of L.A, because he had gotten a blackmail letter from the Italian American mafia

" If you don't pay 20,000 dollars, we'll burn your store"

"But when he had liven 5 years at Europe, he wanted to go back to see his friends. He went to the national airport of German, and bought ticket back to his home, L.A. He sat on the hot plane about 13 hours to get back to America.

Once he landed, he called a taxi and went to his old friend. They had made a deal, that he could live in his house for two months, and that's all, then he should move out. It was fine for Coolio, in that time, he could buy new apartment from the city. When the taxi brought him to the ghetto, he left the taxi

"Its 31 dollars man" said the black taxi driver
"Here you go" Coolio said and gave him 40 dollars
"Thanks man, hey, come closer" said the taxi driver, and leaned forward Coolio
"want to buy sum weed, i got it?" asked the taxi driver, and showed some odd looking package in his jacket.
" No thanks, i don't smoke weed" Coolio said
" Kay, what evah you want my bro" said the taxi driver and left.

He went to apartment and went to third floor. There he ringed the doorbell, but nobody came to open the door. Ringing the doorbell for almost 15 minutes, he decided to look from the
letterbox hole. He saw his friend in a blood puddle, holes in his back. Coolio has been training for awhile, so he kicked the door open. He checked his friend's pulse. It didn't beat. Coolio didn't start to rampage all over the house like he would normally do. He got some beer from freezer and went to look his body. He searched his pockets, found 200 dollars, a pen knife and an fully loaded pistol. He took them for memory. Also he found a letter from table

"Do not fuck with us, final warning"
"Red mafia"

"he crumbled the paper in his hand, stud up, and went out of the apartment. He took the keys before he left, and carried the corpse outside and called the ambulance. Then he took his friend's car, and took off to his former pub. He opened the door of a shady building. He went in and saw some of his old friends. He went to that table they were playing cards.

"Hey who the hell are yo?" asked the man with tank top and jeans
"Man! its you Coolio, no time long seen man" said The man with a black Adidas hoodie and shorts, they were Adidas too.
"Yeah, its me" Coolio said
"But who is he?" Coolio asked and nodded to shady looking guy.
"He's our new gang member dawg" Said Dallas, the man with addiction to Adidas
"Whats his name?" asked Coolio and sat down.
" Darvin" he said
"Kay man" Coolio said
"Could i get a vodka please?" Shouted the big man with tank, His name was... um.... Stig dog.
"Want some to?"
"Kay, imha in need of a shot man" Coolio said and took a glass of vodka.

Then Stigie gave him a joint.

"care for a little toast foo ur reunion?" Stig said
"Sure, why not" Coolio said and lighted his joint up

After they had a long conversation about Red mafia and Coolio's dead friend, they decided to do a little drive-by.
"Kay, see you tomorrow" Coolio said and left the pub.
"Then he saw a member of red mafia. He remembered that very well, hi was the man that gave him that blackmail letter. He followed man in the shadows. Then he turned to very long alley, It was dark and you could heard rats squeak all the time. Coolio took out pen knife, put a cloth in his face and sliced his throat open. He well down and Coolio dragged him to closest sewer hole. He searched him, and found 1500 dollars, a golden watch, and a Mac-50. He took them all, hided them in his jacket and threw the man in hole and closed the lid. Then he got to his dead friend's car, and left to his house. He slept very well, with a couple of shot vodka.

In the morning, he went with his car to stig dog's apartment. He took all 3 man to his car, and they left
" Why the hell were you all at dawgs apartment? Coolio asked, and was confused.
" We had a little pyjama party" said Stig and laughed.
" Yeah, with 8 girls and booze to kill a horse" Dallas said and laughed too.
"Hay, were close to Red Mafia's territory, get yer guns loaded!" Darian said
Then Coolio heard lots of loading noises from guns.
Coolio drived through the alley, but nobody saw any Mafia's members.
Then, Dallas spotted a dozen of them at pub's terrace.
"Take this muthafuckas" Said Stig, took out his Mp 5 and fired his clip towards them.
Others did that as well, and Darian threw a grenade thru broken window.
"Man that was so fcking cool man!" Dallas said.
"Lets get back, shall we?"
"Kay" everybody said, and nodded.
Coolio took them all one at a time home. Then he went back to his house. he watched television, there was a marathon of Dr. Phil. He took TV, and threw it out of the window. He hit a car full of red mafias last members, driver panicked and drove straight thru wall. Everybody died in an explosion, because car was fully loaded with explosives.
"Damn right nigga, this is better than in TV!" Coolio said and went to sleep.

All of the Red Mafia's men were beaten, but there's still dozens of other gangs in L.A

To be continued....

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The Antero
The Antero

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ViestiAihe: Vs: Story of Coolio   To Loka 15, 2009 2:10 am

Täähä on jo hyvä. Itekkö teit? english..
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Baby Shrimp
Baby Shrimp

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ViestiAihe: Yesh   To Loka 15, 2009 2:11 am

Yeah, its made only by myself
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ViestiAihe: Vs: Story of Coolio   

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Story of Coolio
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